Editors' Take

Editors' Take

Clémence Lognonné By Vincent Amar




Photographer: Vincent Amar

Model: Clémence Lognonné

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Editors' TakeFashionPhotography

Lucidity from Studio 64 by David Collier



Collaboration  with


Concept/Art direction
Stephen “Sven” Rogers
David Collier (35mm film)
Sven Rogers (Digital)
Motion direction, DOP, offline edit.
David Collier
Holly Taylor
Body Art
Saxon Duke
Online edit
David Zandberg
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Editors' TakePhotography

Dissonance By Taylor Tailleur

Dissonance By Taylor Tailleur

Photographer: Taylor Tailleur

Models: Samantha Schofield and Katelin Jackson 

Story:  I had been meaning to do a tandem shoot for a while and thought, since Sam and Katelin are best friends, it would be a good idea to shoot both of them that day. I’ve had this idea for a while, was glad it came together the way it did. We shot at a remolded house that had been abandoned for years, it had a real vintage vibe to it and gave us a lot of options.

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